Stop leaving Costs until the end of a case and improve your cash flow with our free Advanced Costs service. 
Instead of letting your earnings sit in the hands of a paying party or the Court (and all the associated admin backlog), we bring the Costs process forward to prevent delays from dragging your net income down. 
Perfect for cases where liability is admitted or established, our Costs Lawyers can provide you with up-to-the-minute Costs figure at any stage. 
Seize back control and send evidence-based payment on account requests – so you don’t have to worry about late or delayed payments. 

Wave goodbye to delays and enjoy regular Advanced Costs updates 

We understand that delays are the biggest headache law firms face when trying to recover Costs. 
Instead of preparing a Bill or Schedule of Costs incrementally throughout the duration of case, we can now provide you with regular Case Reviews and Assessments – on demand. 
Using the latest highly-secure, cloud-based Case Management Software means we can instantly share eFiles and simultaneously work on your Costs whilst you prepare the case. 
Make sure your existing work is accurately recorded, and reflects the case, and don’t let your hard work get shortchanged. 
More accurate Costs figures and future estimates. Improved budget monitoring. Better risk management guaranteed. 

Benefits & Advantages 

Accurate and up-to-date Costs figure 
100% confidence in Costs estimates 
Precise budget monitoring 
Always be properly organised 
Speed up Costs settlement 
Significantly improve cash flow 
Regular Case Reviews and Assessments 
Distribute the Costs workload more evenly during case 
Access files from anywhere - no security risk to you 
Free service - covered under existing Terms of Business 

Share your files with our Costs experts 

To start sharing your eFiles or arrange a File Collection, please enter your details and a team member will be in touch as soon as possible. 
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