Aaron Briggs - Costs Draftsman 

Having successfully gained his Law Degree from the University of Hull in 2020, Aaron is now putting his vast knowledge to the test in his role as a Costs Draftsman. 
Affectionately known in the office as Briggsy, he always has a friendly manner and his previous experience as a call centre handler means he is great at dealing with people and enquiries. 
What are your main interests or hobbies? 
As a massive football fan, I like to follow the fortunes of Liverpool in the Premier League and I try to watch my local team Hull City whenever possible. I’m also a big online gamer and can usually be found playing against my friends on FIFA or Call of Duty. 
What’s your favourite food? 
I do like Italian food and would probably choose a good Peperoni or Margherita pizza as my go to favourite. But you can’t beat a really nice burger too! 
What music do you like – any specific genre or artists? 
I like listening to most pop or dance music and often compile playlists of my favourite artists, including Eminem and Rhianna. 
Which smartphone App do you like the most and why? 
I’d probably have to say YouTube because I love to watch football analysis and fancast content about Liverpool on there. It’s also useful for finding out about the latest gaming tips and releases. 
What film or boxset would you recommend to others? 
I’m really into science fiction, horror and fantasy type movies or box sets, so anything along those lines is good for me. Stranger Things is one that I’d definitely recommend to others, and the Marvel series on Disney is well worth a watch too. 
How would you describe yourself in 5 words? 
Trustworthy, knowledgeable, practical, loyal and a good listener. 
Email: info@carterburnett.co.uk 
Call: (01482) 534567 
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